DYK?: Answering the Top Questions Around Mavrik Aquaflow® Insecticide/Miticide and Enstar® AQ IGR

Did you know that together Mavrik Aquaflow® Insecticide/Miticide and Enstar® AQ Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) provide excellent control, flexibility, and effective resistance management with two modes of action? To expand your knowledge on Mavrik Aquaflow® Insecticide/Miticide and Enstar® AQ IGR, we will be answering your most frequently asked questions.

Enstar® AQ Questions

Q: What insects does Enstar® AQ IGR control?
A: Enstar® AQ IGR offers residual control of whiteflies, thrips, aphids, soft-bodied and armored scales, mealybugs, leaf miners, glassy-winged sharpshooters, and fungus gnats.

Q: What is an IGR?
A: An IGR breaks the insect's life cycle, helping to disrupt an insect population's ability to reproduce. Enstar® AQ product is an Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) that prevents target insects from maturing into adults. Once the adult insects come into contact with the active ingredient, S-Kinoprene, they lay sterile eggs.

Q: Where can I use Enstar® AQ IGR?
A: Enstar® AQ IGR is for use on ornamental plants in greenhouses, shade houses, lath houses, and interiorscapes (i.e. atriums).

Q: How can I apply Enstar® AQ IGR?
A: Enstar® AQ IGR methods of application include conventional spray, fogging, drench, or through irrigation systems including drip, micro jet and overhead irrigation.

Q: Can Enstar® AQ IGR be tank-mixed with other insecticides?
A: Enstar® AQ IGR can be tank-mixed with other insecticides such as Mavrik Aquaflow® for immediate relief. Enstar® AQ IGR provides a different mode of action to help in a resistance management strategy needed to protect your investment from insect damage.

Mavrik Aquaflow® Insecticide/Miticide Questions

Q: What insects does Mavrik Aquaflow® Insecticide/Miticide control?
A: Mavrik Aquaflow® Insecticide/Miticide features a fast-acting formulation that offers long residual control of whiteflies, aphids, thrips, root weevils*, beetles (Flea, Cucumber, Elm, Leaf), Leaf-feeding caterpillars, glassy-winged sharpshooters, and mites.*Except in California

Q: What is the active ingredient?
A: Mavrik Aquaflow® with active ingredient Tau-fluvalinate (22.3%) is a flowable water-based formulation.

Q: Where can I use Mavrik Aquaflow® Insecticide/Miticide?
A: Mavrik Mavrik Aquaflow® Insecticide/Miticide is nonrestricted in the greenhouse and nursery markets, and provides immediate, broad-spectrum insect control for commercial use.

Q: Is Mavrik Aquaflow® Insecticide/Miticide residue harmful to honey bees?
A: The dried product residue on plants is non-toxic and non-repellent to honey bees.

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